About Lambda

Lambda is the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet. Spartans wore the Lambda letter on their shields as a symbol representing bringing the light of knowledge to the ignorance of darkness.

This is how it came to be the symbol for a wavelength of light in modern science.

This is our mission; to bring knowledge to our clients.

The first thing you will be asked to do at Lambda is tell us about you. What your goals are, what you've done before, your general health, injuries you've had and a bunch more. We want to know about you. 

The next thing you will be asked to do is an induction class. We cover a whole bunch of information starting with breathing to support your spine, how the levers in your body work, general safety in a training environment and ending with a practical component where you apply what you have learned. Don't worry, there are information booklets to take home so you don't forget what we've gone through.

From there, you can enroll in nutrition, programing, basic rehab, supplement use classes, anatomy classes, and of course, use the training facility.


We have two fully equipped classrooms and lots of information with more reference material than we know what to do with. Our classes condense and clarify this information into succinct, easy to follow formats. However, if you want to read more, feel free to come in, make a coffee and read to your hearts content.

What You Will Find at Lambda