Hard and Heavy 

Are you ready to train harder and heavier than ever before?

Do you have the grit and stamina to pursue the

look you want?

Then the team at The Lambda Academy are ready for you.

In this challenge you will:

  • Train hard and fast.

  • Gain lean muscle mass in all the right areas.

  • Lose body fat.

  • Be pushed by state, national and world champions.

  • Learn how to properly execute all lifts with specialist coaches.

  • Get one on one sessions to smash your goals

Who are WE

Head Coach and Owner Kat Becker is;

  • The current WPC world powerlifting champ in the 82.5 kg weight class

  • Former ProRaw Powerlifting winner

  • All time World Record holder cross several powerlifting weight classes

  • Former WA Strongest Woman

  • Invitee to ARNOLD Strongman comp 3 years running

  • Currently ranked top 5 powerlifter in the world in 2 weight classes


Kat also has a degree  in Biotechnology and currently working towards her Masters in Strength and Conditioning. She has appeared on channel 7,( Today Tonight), channel 10 along with articles in the West Australian, Avon and Hills Gazette and the Eco newspaper.

Bill Harnett

Bill Harnett

Has held National or World Powerlifting records from 1998 to the present day. He started in the 75Kg weight category back in the late 90s, working his way up the weight classes with records and wins in every category. 75Kg, 82.5Kg, 90Kg and 100Kg. Over the last 2 decades he has been bulking and competing and now teaching.

What he doesn't know about strength isn’t worth knowing.

Zita Tilbury


Is the current 82.5kg women's CAPO state Powerlifting champion. She has spent years in gym environments and now has stepped up to P.T. She has been with The Lambda Academy since we opened and been trained by Kat getting invited to National Powerlifting Championships after just 6 months at Lambda.