Kat Becker 

Head Coach

Kat has been a long time hills resident, moving here in 1990 as a primary school student. Kat began her fitness interest after finding a weight set at the Mount Helena rubbish tip. Having always wanted to be stronger and fitter, Kat began to research ways to lose weight and gain strength. This led her to use her science background to systematically find the best way to make her body work the way that she wanted it to.

After lifting at home for a year with her partner Rie, Kat entered her first amateur powerlifting competition, unofficially beating the current Australian records at that time. Kat now has multiple National and World records to her name. After several years competing in both Strongwoman events and power lifting, Kat has made a name for herself as one of Australia’s strongest women and a coach that has many well respected athletes under her guidance.

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