A running Breakfast

As the old adage says “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It’s our first meal of the day. Stores of glucose, the body’s primary energy source are reduced after the overnight fast. Once all of these stores are used up the body can feel sluggish and metabolism slows. Not to mention missing any meal means missing a portion of nutrition that the body needs in order to behave the way we need it to.

Breakfast is all too often the meal that gets skipped. When we embark on new lifestyles and food habits, finding tasty, quick and more importantly, nutritious breakfast solutions is so important.

So rest easy!! Here are some awesome on-the-run breakfasts that anyone can scoff on the go when waking up earlier is hard.

Super charged Yoghurt

Mix 1 cup of Greek Yoghurt with a scoop of your favourite protein powder (loving Blackbelt; Turkish delight, which is available at the office), add in frozen berries. Then depending on your macro intake, minute oats, LSA mix or even roast almonds.

Breakfast sushi.

Kind of sushi but not really. Use nori sheets, wrapped around your choice of smoked salmon or roast chicken breast, brown or jasmine rice and cottage cheese or avocado. Mix and match to suit yourself.

Protein pancakes.

Premade shakers are in the office or use your stick blender to mix up a scoop of protein powder, half a cup of oats and an egg with enough water to make a moving paste. Cook on a hotplate as with pancakes adding sugar free syrup or cottage cheese or bacon to taste and calorie intake.

Breakfast tarts.

This one takes a little prep but they store well. Using lean mince, mix-in onion powder salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Press into muffin tin wells. Whip eggs mixed with chopped onions and capsicum or chili if you want some kick, pour into the well and bake at moderate heat until golden brown.

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