It rubs the lotion on the skin

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

When I was young my mum would ask me to rub her feet, she would tell me my hands where too hard, my massage too firm. Little did she know that years later people would love how strong my hands are!

After years working in salons and doing fluffy relaxing spa treatments I realised that I needed more, I was bored. I wanted to be a massage therapist that helped people. The therapist that people would come to when no one else would or could help them.

At the ripe old age of 25 I ventured off to uni, being a High-school drop out my diploma of massage and beauty therapies is what actually got me in to ECU. Studying Human Biology and Medical Science I became passionate about the body again, how it worked, how to help people heal. I started to love what I did at work rather than see it as a drag. My clientele changed I was seeing the single mum with Fibromyalgia, the accountant with RSI, the grandmother, who's body was slowly succumbing to Motor Neuron.

I started to see that this was what I needed to do.

Kat and I would talk about our training space and how it would be different from a gym; it would support people in their wellness, not just their fitness. It seemed like a far off dream until one morning Kat said "look at this equipment for sale we should go look at it. When I asked why, she stated for Lambda. We had no where to put it and no means of starting, it was a dream, this suddenly made it real.

The journey since then has been the most exciting but hardest trek I've ever made. Yet here we are more than 2 years in and the training space is running. I'm now full-time at Lambda and the dawn of Lambda Recovery is just on the horizon.

So yeah I have hard hands, but they are skilled, they know the right pressure to help with a migraine, the amount of friction to use to ease a tight muscle. I've built incredible relationships with my clients, some I even get to call friend. I look froward to sharing with them whats building now and the rest of my journey.

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