The Year round up 2018

The year has been massive here at Lambda.

We've hosted powerlifting competitions, both novice and sanctioned. Strength Quest kicked off the year late January and was an awesome novice comp and we tested out our competition set up. We put forward 5 lifters and they had a fantastic time. All were complete novices. The results were awesome and we learned a few things as a team as well. We're hosting again this coming January so get your entries in!!

Later in the year we hosted the Wild West Shootout, which is a team event unlike any other in the country. This year it was taken out by team 1G from the Muscle Pit, but next year I'm sure we will gain the title and perpetual trophy.

Riley and Nathan went all out at Mortal Kombat 3, another novice competition held at 24/7 PowerFitness in Maddington this year. Both did really well overcoming nerves and I'm very much looking forward to Nathan getting back on the platform as I know he has a lot left in the tank.

Our standout performance I feel feel for the year was at the WAPA State Championships, held in Wattle Grove. Both Zita and Owen stepped up from the novice ranks to join Miles and myself on the sanctioned platform.

Owen broke the National WRPF squat record for his class, and took out the teens. Zita won her class. Miles came second in the Men's Masters division, Monica won the Women's Masters and I took the overall for the women. Cameron spotted and loaded for hours and we had a massive support crew. It was a really proud moment for Rie and myself to see what we were building grow.

Next we moved on to CAPO Nationals, this year held in Queensland. Owen, at the ripe old age of 13, made the trek with his family to test himself against some of the strongest in the country. I could not have been prouder of his achievements. He broke 4 National CAPO records, the squat at 125kg, bench at 70kg, deadlift at 137.5kg and total of 332.5kg. He has an awesome future in this sport and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.

Monica had a bad day on the platform and unfortunately no squats passed depth so she was out of the competition.

I won my weight class and the overall Women's.

Next up we were back in Perth for the GPC Masters Nationals and it was another sterling performance from the team. Both Bill and Mon did fantastic jobs on a long day.

Bill unfortunately tore both quads in separate incidents on the day. The first one on his first squat and the second one on the second deadlift, but he still managed to pull a National record deadlift of 277.5kg on his third. There's exciting things to come from Bill.

Mon broke the National GPC records for her division in the squat (140kg), bench (85kg) and total (365kg) so it was a great day all around.

Racheal and Pete got their introductions to Strongman and Strongwoman competition. They both did really well with really heavy and unusual lifts.

The All Round Weight Lifters have found a new home here and hold competitions nearly every month. Sonia, Claire, Mon and myself have had a lot of fun doing some of the 180-odd sanctioned lifts they have.

After all of that I went to WPC World Championships in November, held in Florida USA.

I didn't do as well as training may have suggested, but I won my weightclass, making me a world champ. My total was a PB of 570kg, so happy with that. All I can say is travel is hard work and the team for Finland this year will be strong as.

And finally our in house comp went of at the end of year party! So many new teenagers in our ranks and I could not be prouder of them. They all listen, be sensible and help each other out. All that and they are strong as. They tested themselves against some of our older novices and held strong. Great to see.

As a relatively new team I'm really happy with how we've gone this year. Not just competitively but as a collective of like minded individuals striving to better ourselves. The spirit and family feel is alive and well here and we continue to grow every day.

My most sincere thanks for all of the support shown here this last year. We wouldn't be here without you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you all newly relaxed in the 2019

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