Reviews / Recommendations

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Excellent equipment. Wonderful atmosphere. Looking forward to joining the Lambda family. - Roz

A friendly gym with great instructors, have really enjoyed joining and find myself with more energy and really looking forward to the next session. - Matthew

Just do it. You won’t regret it. - Deb

What’s not to love about Lambda? It’s not a gym where you get yelled at. It’s methodical with skills taught and makes you feel comfortable. Kat and team have helped me achieve a change in my physique which helps me feel strong and has improved my mental health. - Toni

Love going to Lambda!! Everyone here is welcoming and very helpful! I've learnt so much about the body and built so much strength! awesome place to go! - Gemma

I have been training at the Lambda Academy for nearly two years. I have learnt so much about lifting, recovery and nutrition from the guidance of Kat and Rie through out that time. They are warm, welcoming, inspiring and committed to running a great gym. While training at the Lambda Academy, I have set and completed many goals, for example improving my overall physical strength and learning the skills to eat a healthy balanced diet. The Lambda Academy is a welcoming, friendly & great gym to workout in. With a great range of equipment & machines. Cam also gives awesome massages when you’re sore from lifting. - Carmen

Great bunch of people and trainers that know their stuff. - Paul

Kat is a wealth of knowledge!!! She has helped me so much and although I’m held up by injury I will be back. Kat’s commitment to getting the best outcome for you is amazing. Thanks Kat and Rie. Not to forget either Rie’s wonderful massages. - Dawn

Best and only 24/7 gym in the hills. If you have a fitness goal that you want or you want to compete in a powerlifting competition or a strongman/ strongwomen competition best place to train. - Peter

Such a cool place to learn and get fit. Love it, got my whole family coming now. - Claire

I’ve been going for 3months feeling fitter, stronger and getting into shape I love the challenges Kat gives each session she is an inspiration and a tough

Trainer and that’s just what I need... it’s a friendly safe place to get an awesome work out. - Diane

I started here about 2 months ago, doing the “8 week challenge” and I definitely recommend this gym to anyone who needs an extra push to get motivated as the staff provides as much information they can about physical strength and nutritional guidance to help you achieve the best possible results. Very helpful, friendly and it’s personalised to fit around your own lifestyle. - Krys

I had an intro yesterday, Kat was relaxed and yet clear about how to lift and do the exercises she advised. i actually felt like id worked hard today from feeling sore, and yet it wasnt a drain at the time. i felt really motivated to get back there and go again, so tonight 6pm, not only was she there dedicated, but what a workout!

i just know im going to have great results and just the right amount of push where theres nothing stagnant about the lambda academy.

newbie, but id rather work hard and get results than feel like im excercising all the time with no big results.

highly recommend everything this business upholds and all of the experience Kat shares to help others. - Janice